ICMA member companies include local, regional, national and multi-national companies of all sizes incorporating the manufacturers and first importers of chocolate, sweets, chewing gum, cough and portable breath fresheners and suppliers of equipment, ingredients, packaging materials and other goods and services to the industry.

Membership in the ICMA is open to organizations under the following classification:

Active members include manufacturers and first importers of chocolate, confectionery, chewing gum, bubble gums and like products.

Associate members are suppliers of equipment, ingredients, packaging materials and other goods and services to the industry.


Membership in the ICMA runs from fiscal year to fiscal year (March-February).


ICMA is a dynamic association, dedicated to growing confectionery consumption in a responsible manner as an enjoyable food that is part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Benefits to joining as a Member in the ICMA are:

  • Has a number of standing committees comprising experienced industry managers to put a voice to the industry as well as assist wholesale and retail members through regulatory, export and import complexities. The association also operates a number of technical working groups involving a wide array of member input to develop industry positions, credible research and compelling presentations.
  • Through a category and trade development committee assists members nationally and internationally increase sales through programs and retail studies.
  • Interaction with major customers and suppliers. The ICMA provides the forum and venue, enabling open dialogue between industry partners. ICMA facilitates face to face meetings with the leading CEOs to discuss key business challenges.
  • Instant access to key local, regional, national and international industry information. The ICMA is a credible source of information and keeps its members abreast and informed in advance on industry news and events.
  • Government Relations. The ICMA is your voice and represents your views. Working very closely with all members, ICMA dialogues industry concerns with government at all levels.
  • Armed with its international partners around the world, the ICMA assists in the resolution of trade issues and disputes.
  • The ICMA provides the confectionery industry with a face and represents and speaks for the industry and its members.
  • Networking opportunities and connections as the ICMA is your gateway to a host of connections to the leaders and influencers in the industry.
  • The ICMA provides a global exposure through Industry Showcase to promote your products and services to the industry through banner advertising.
  • The ICMA proactively maintains a watch on the horizon for emerging trends in the environment such as changes in government policies, regulatory requirements and trade agreements.
Indian Confectionery Manufacturer’s Association
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