Message From President

My Dear Members,


At the outset, I would like to thank all the members for reposing confidence in me in unanimously electing me to the 2nd term as ICMA President. I have no doubts that with support and contribution of all, we shall be successful in seeing the Association achieve greater heights and we are able to successfully address matters of common interests.

When I was attempting to pen down my thoughts for this note, I paused a bit and put a question to self: Why do we exist as a body and what all we intend to take up during the next two years or so?

We are a Voluntary Not For Profit body, set up way back, over 40 years ago and thus there have been long years of fruitful contribution to the confectionery industry.

While, initially the body constituted of all domestic players then in market, since opening up of the economy in 1991, we have all the big names as well as our members. Today, our membership comprises of MNC's, home grown SME's and small players as well. So, we adequately represent all the sectors: large, medium and small. As a matter of fact, all the members are jewels of the industry and have contributed a long way to bring the Association where it is today. Some well known names include: Cadbury's, Nestle, Wrigley, Perfetti, Gandour, Parle, Lotte, Parry’s, Nutrine, Sampre, D.S. Group, Swan, S.K. Confectionery and many more. The Association has witnessed some legendary names like Mr. Rajiv Bakshi ( Cadburys), Mr. V. Mrugappa (EID Parry's), Mr. Shiv Mohan Reddy (Nutrine), Mr. Ajay Chauhan (Parle) and many more as its illustrious past presidents or key functionaries and I am fortunate that I am occupying the same high office today as its President.

I am fully aware that holding such office enjoins many responsibilities and accountabilities; and let me assure you that during this term, together we shall do something which the Association has been aspiring to do but, for some reason or the other, could not do over the last several years, and some such aspirations include:

  • Initiating steps to gain ICMA recognition internationally
  • Extending support to members on their operations and helping them improve their working standards
  • Finding our own office space
  • Enhancing our membership strength
  • Creating a systemic structure of regular dialogue with the industry members thru e. newsletter or other means
  • Regular meetings with the Govt. authorities and more visible follow ups concerning regulatory matters

I am not oblivious to the fact that many similar size industry Association have either gone dormant or vanished, am but happy to say that we have not only survived but also progressed in our own earnest way. Here, I can't but acknowledge the rich and committed contribution accorded to the Association by all my predecessors and lately by my immediate predecessor Mr. Harsh Arora during whose tenure we saw many crucial policy decisions turning our favour. One such is the lowering of GST rate slab on Gums and Chocolate from 28 to 18 percent. Its a matter of pleasure for me to say that we shall continue to avail his rich committed services.

The solitary and most important message that I intended to convey thru my this very first message is that we all have to lend hands to strengthen the Association and for this I exhort every member to please join me in this cause. My colleague, Manoj Agarwal, who is the vice-president, is more than willing at all times, to address any industry issue and thus takes forward the matters of common interests. A small yet significant initiator is to participate at the ICMA quarterly meetings and offer comments to the draft notifications etc. of the Regulator etc. and this way I am sure we will achieve what we intend to and leave a rich legacy. Also, I am glad to inform that our past President, Shri Harsh Arora has taken charge as Advisor to the Association and I am confident, his rich experience will be of great support to us.

I convey seasons greetings and wish you a happy, prosperous and progressive new year with all the hopes of a 'transformed' ICMA !!

Thanking you and with warm regards,

B.K. Gurbani
President, ICMA

Indian Confectionery Manufacturer’s Association
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